Essential Tools to Affiliate Marketing Success Online

Of primary importance to success as an affiliate marketer anywhere, including Kenya is to increase the potential to succeed. You only increase this potential by learning to utilize the right tools to market and ensure sales. This is the way to a successful affiliate marketing program.

Over the last year, we have worked with and consulted with successful online marketers and the rich experience has shown us what works. We also have the ONLY professionally-built Blogging and Affiliate Income eCourse & Personalized Coaching program in Kenya. Using what we have learned, used successfully and now teach, you can turn your work online to a thriving career. In this article we take you through the top and essential tools for a thriving affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate Marketing Success Tool 1 — Your Own Website

The greatest important and indispensable tool in affiliate marketing is your own site. For this market, that is the Kenyan market, a blog is far more effective for most businesses than a website. To build a thriving affiliate marketing business, create a simple, well presented, and authentic website. Your site is what will jump start all your marketing efforts.

Important Considerations Before High Affiliate Income in Kenya

Although affiliate marketing is touted as one of the easiest and most effective ways to create money online, it is not as easy as many imagine. If you wish to make money online in Kenya through affiliate marketing, you must commit to two things; dedication to your dreams and to work with a coach, a guide, or a mentor.

There are two schools of thought in affiliate income; the people who make everything sound like rocket science and those who make it all sound like a sleep-walking game. Some make it too hard and some make it too easy. The point is, affiliate marketing success only takes dedication and a professional Coach or guide.

Committing to one’s dreams is the absolute centre or backbone to all success. Most people come to online income with the mindset that they will be multi-millionaires in weeks. Well, there is just no such success anywhere on earth. If there was, there would be far more millionaires than the under 1% worldwide count.

Seven Great Money Ideas to Ponder Over

In this second (one) third of the year, we will concern ourselves with blogging and affiliate income. But first, let us speak on a few general matters concerning money. I have heard many people say money isn't everything. One of the best derivatives of that idea I have ever heard is ‘it is much better to cry in a Mercedes Benz than on a bicycle’. Well, there are indeed different strokes for different folk. 

As you plan the next segment of the year, here are great money ideas adopted from the net. They are great money ideas to ponder over as you work to build your financial future in the coming months. 

1.    Spend less than you earn.

At all times, make it your purpose to spend less money than you make.

2.    Avoid debt like the plague.

The status symbol in the new economy isn't fancy cars and big houses. It's being able to say you are DEBT FREE.

Here We’ve Turned Five Career Courses to Jobs in Kenya Through Freelance
For every problem, there is a solution. For every person without a job, with skills, with knowledge, holding a career certificate on one thing or another, there is a job available near you. All that one requires is a little bit of creativity to develop their skill into a career. In this article we give you show you possible career ideas for anyone who will add freelance to their skills set. Freelance is simply a ticket to jobs where others are sent away with 'we are not employing'.

Before we go into how you can use your freelance skills to turn any knowledge you have into a job, let us explain freelance work. Most people have come to understand freelance work as the kind of tasks they can do on sites such as,, and In fact, most have a concept that the most lucrative work you can do on these sites is writing. A few also add such tasks as photography, web design, coding, and in some cases translation and typing jobs.

If You Have A Skill Go Freelance And Be Jobless No More!

At the close of 2013, another 450,000 graduates or more entered the job market in Kenya. If you are here, looking for a way to make money online in Kenya, you probably already know that the job market is harsh for anew graduate. If they do not ask for three year’s experience, they ask for other qualifications that need you to go back to school for more years.

Meanwhile, your family has sold all sellable’s to get you through college, and they are hoping to start seeing some cash coming from you for once. This program is for you. What we offer is a simple approach to freelance work. With the Paula Thayrow Freelance Mastery E-Learning Program, you get a chance to build your own freelance agency, outsource your skills, and build yourself an income.

Why You Must Put Up Your Own Website in 2014
This is the best time in history to take your business online. Thousands daily, besides following the general hype of social media, are picking up a smart phone as a mobile device of choice. The logical stop of those people, with time, is to seek out their personal interests through their mobile phone. In short, more people start to interact with products they care about, services, or brands online first.

If you are not online, then it is time to give online platforms for business serious consideration. Many of us are not friendly to numbers, even though there are lots of numbers to support this, and the easiest way to know where the dollars are going is to watch the behavior of the big investors.

Set Compelling Goals to Get to a New Level of Achievement This Year

I have never been much of the goal setting type of person. I made my life achievements step by step working with whatever goodies life brought my way per time. Having led a pretty joyous childhood, I never got to be one of those ‘driven’ people. I prefer to smell the flowers, and watch the birds as I go along. The good side of that lifestyle, among other benefits, is I have not dragged the years along with me, I have remained un-angered by the world, and remain young at heart and in appearance as an added advantage.

However, last year was a powerful eye opener for me. The older I become, the more opportunities coming my way. And the more the opportunities, I found it became easier to engage in everyone else’s targets and forget the ones that are important to me. I realized that I have to consciously know the most important things in my life so that I can keep to those while steering clear of the distractions.

The Multiple Roles Your Site Can Play

Whether your business exists solely on the internet or in a traditional bricks-and-mortar storefront, you will benefit from an online presence. Here are the multiple roles your site can offer your business. 
1.    Customers, potential employees or business partners and perhaps even investors can quickly and easily find out more about your business and the products or services you have to offer from your website.

2.    Providing a constant stream of fresh, compelling content is vital to branding your name and your business. You can't do this with a profile site like you get on LinkedIn or a page such as you get on Facebook. You need your own website where you can detail your services, your contacts, in the exact language you wish to use.